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Automated CFD Trading

Automated CFD Trading Made Easy With CFDHero Bot

Just mention the phrase “automated trading” and it will garner many blank faces among  many traders. The world of automated trading has long been the domain of expert quantitative traders who write codes to trade the market much more efficiently.

Automated trading, or a CFD trading bot, is clinical, cold-hearted but reliable. After all, it is based on programming codes that read real time market data that make decision on whether to execute a trade or at least to send a signal. Automated trading  is devoid of human emotions. And human emotions, more often than not, often cause many retail traders to buy at a high and sell at capitulation levels. 

Even if a novice trader would like to embark on this automated trading journey and write his first CFD trading bot, the learning curve presents a very daunting task. Not many has the full time capacity to really delve into learning coding and then to learn about how to write codes that trade the markets. Instead of poring through the myriad of books on this subject, most of us would rather still depend on our basic research and gut instinct to trade. There are just too many moving parts to reach the end point.

Finding an easy to use CFD trading bot is not easy. Although there are plenty of solutions out there, not many have distilled the complexities of automated trading down into a user-friendly platform. 

That is until CFDHero arrives. As many can attest, CFDHero is built for the traders who want to get into the world of automated CFD trading easily. It presents many commonly used strategies such as Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) as well as grid, in an easily configurable black box. A user does not need to write a single line of code in order to deploy a DCA strategy that buys when the market bottoms and to sell for a 10% profit. Everything can be done in a minute with CFDHero’s system.

Another cool feature of CFDHero is the fast backtest that allows a trader to evaluate the strategy’s settings. CFDHero empowers all traders to trade CFD instruments more effectively. Its features appeal to the novice and the advanced traders alike.

Indeed, the world of automated CFD trading is definitely made easy with CFDHero.

World's Leading CFD Trading Bot. Trade Easier, Not Harder With CFDHero.