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The Future is EV – Will Tesla Dominate?

Many years ago, any mention of EVs (Electric Vehicles) would almost certainly elicit a groan from automotive fans. Although EVs are silent and have a low carbon footprint, they are fundamentally uninteresting. It’s too quiet of a drive to be interesting and enthralling. 

Then came the Porsche Taycan, BMW i8, and other sport vehicles that used batteries to power their engines. These trailblazers have contributed to push the boundaries of EVs and transform our widespread belief that EVs are uninteresting. Whether we like it or not, EVs are the next revolution for the automotive world.

No other EV automaker stands to benefit more from the EV revolution than Tesla. In order to create great synergy in the EV sector, a manufacturer must secure three critical infrastructure and components. 1) They are batteries 2) raw minerals, such as nickel; and 3) charging networks. 

We won’t bore you with details because you can easily Google more information on each of the three pillars of establishing a successful EV business. Tesla, in our opinion, checks them all. It’s no surprise that TSLA’s CFD price has risen.

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